About Us

Natural Ingredients. Natural Taste.

Unlike commercially produced bread, all unnatural ingredients are eliminated. We use an authentic San Francisco sourdough starter that has been proudly used for over 25 years!

Just Flour, Water, & Salt

Why choose sourdough?

Aside from being delicious? Sourdough has folate, a B vitamin that’s important for heart health - about half the amount we need per day can come from a thick cut of sourdough! Sourdough is also rich in thiamin and niacin, both of which can boost your metabolism. It’s packed with iron for oxygen, zinc for your immune system, and magnesium and calcium for bone, muscle, and nerve health.

Fresh Means Now

How often do we bake our bread?

Every few minutes! Our ovens are always baking from open to close, with fresh batches of sourdough coming out right before your eyes!

Location is Key

Where is the BEST sourdough?

You can make sourdough bread anywhere, but there are only a handful of places in the entire world that have the optimum conditions to allow for truly delicious sourdough bread to be made. San Francisco, with its unique mix of temperature and moisture, is one of these spots, and during the California Gold Rush, French bakers brought sourdough baking techniques to the West Coast.

Image by Den Heslop

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